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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.



Frederica de Ruvo | no title | photograph 11.04.2011Frederica de Ruvo | Il grido 2011Frederica de Ruvo | La jeunesse 2011Frederica de Ruvo | La madre 2011
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Frederica de Ruvo | Abbandoni #2, 2011Frederica de Ruvo | Resti macerie framment  2011Frederica de Ruvo | no title | photograph 17.04.2011Frederica de Ruvo | Violence I love it 2011

These pictures of me are closely representing my inner emotions and they are expressing a shape of the performing arts. My body is the architecture of my thoughts. I can destroy it, I can reassemble it, I can re-invent it.

So, my body is, to me, also a place of absence and a condition of presence, both condition are possible. Through the photography I show the possibility to being another one, beyond and outside from the daily actions.

I’m playing with myself… it’s a struggling play between the perception that I have about myself as an object and about myself as a subject.

I must imagine an action-situation to save myself. I must live my own reality, I must make different experiences.

So my experience is the doubt, because my perception of myself is compared to the image captured in time before to escape.

What it is to be myself into the creative art? What it means to be myself into the performing art?